Established in 2015 OOIKOS, means “House or Home” in Greek, the extra added “O” is our little twist. 

OOIKOS is an online retailer of a curated selection of contemporary and modern furniture, lighting and accessories. We have found that too many design furniture are being copied and we are striving to reduce this, by giving you value for your money. As a member of our CLUB OOIKOS you will always receive 20% discount on any purchase, no limitations weather you are buying 1 product or 10, throughout the duration your membership.

We don’t just sell furniture, we sell values and are celebrating the craftsmanship of all the quality brands we offer. We are striving to turn away from the throwaway society and to provide beautiful quality furniture that you can pass on to your children or even may sell at profit at an auction. It is an investment into the design community but also an investment which through time can come with a high return.

We only sell original design so you can be confident that the products you buy are not fake!